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What Exercises Should Seniors Avoid

A resident rides an exercise bike.

Getting your body moving, whether on your own or with support, can benefit your health and wellness. Exercise is important for your personal care, but are there any exercises you should consider avoiding?  Continue reading to learn more about exercise for seniors, including why it’s essential and what exercises to avoid for your health and […]

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What Causes Balance Problems in Old Age?

On a beach a senior man balances on a log while holding both arms out to balance.

Finding Your Balance Staying physically active is one of the best things you can do for your health at any age. Regular exercise has many short-term and long-term benefits, from improving sleep quality to preventing chronic diseases. There are many unique types of exercises, such as boosting endurance, strength, or cardio health. Engaging in exercise […]

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Why Is Social Interaction Important for the Elderly?

A group of four seniors gather around a table. They are stacking up Jenga blocks to play a game.

Social interaction is important for everyone, but it becomes even more vital as we age. It can prevent loneliness, reduce stress, improve sleep, and keep seniors physically and mentally active.  Social isolation can happen for various reasons, such as living alone can sometimes leave seniors feeling cut off from society, retiring, death of a spouse, […]

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